About Us

had a special place in the Azerbaijani market since 2012. Our boilers are manufactured in one of China’s largest boiler plants. During production, all boilers are inspected before packaging. The factory is supplied with international certificates. The Sparta boilers are thus fully operational. During production, high quality parts are used in accordance with European standards. An example is a rotary engine. This engine is owned by the famous German company Grundfos. This is why the Sparta boilers have a longer life-cycle and silent operation. Also the tubes used inside are made of latin. This, in turn, guarantees the long-term maintenance of internal pipes. All Sparta boilers are guaranteed by our company for 2 years.

In addition to Sparta boilers, our company offers you good quality and durable Mondiale radiators. Mondiale radiators are designed with high quality and taste to suit your home’s design and durability. Mondiale radiators have high heat and water pressure. All Mondiale radiators are guaranteed 10 years free of charge.