Techno WQK 30-18-3.7

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Fecal pump performance

1. Max. flow: 36 m3 / h
2. Max. head: 17 m

Conditions for using the fecal pump

Max. liquid temperature: + 40 ° C
PH level: 4-10
Max. liquid density: 1.2 × 103 kg / m3
Network frequency: 50Hz. Rated voltage: 220V AC (one phase) or 380V AC (three phases) with an allowable fluctuation range of ± 10%.
Immersion depth: 0.5-5 m

Scope of fecal pump application

The WQ (D) S stainless steel submersible sewage pump is used in various industries, in agriculture and municipal services to remove wastewater containing various inclusions, such as suspended particles, sand, short fibers, pieces of paper, etc. … The pump is also used for pumping dirty or muddy water, domestic wastewater, sewage, etc. In addition, the submersible pump is suitable for agricultural irrigation, pool cleaning, construction, etc., but not for handling explosive liquids.


The pump body is made of stainless steel, which makes it more robust.
Open impeller for better solids passage.
Stainless steel shaft extension and reliable sealing on both sides of the pump.


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