Techno 3.5SG m 2/25-1.5



Well pump performance

Max. power: 1.5 kW

Max. horsepower: 2 HP

Max. current: 10.3 A

Max. flow rate: 6.0 m3 / h 2.

Max. head: 186 m

Conditions of use of the borehole pump

Max. air temperature: <40 ° C;

Sand content in water (mass fraction): up to 0.01%;

Hydrogen sulfide content: up to 1.5 mg / l, content

chloride ions: up to 400 mg / l;

PH level: 6.5 – 8.5;

Max. immersion depth: 70 m below static water level

Scope of borehole pump

1. Building needs / domestic water supply;

2. Irrigation, construction of small water pipelines;

3. Landscaping of territories;

4. Water storage systems;

5. Industrial activity.


The borehole pump motor runs on edible oil. Stable operation of the unit is ensured by a special membrane for pressure regulation;

The pump motor is equipped with a built-in capacitor and a thermal fuse.
If necessary, it can be easily replaced;

The downhole pump has a screw thread connection and is equipped with floating impellers;

The pump is installed in wells with a diameter of at least 3.5 inches.


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