Techno GPD 20-6-130

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The pump is of the canned rotor type, i.e. pump and motor form an integral unit without shaft seal and with only two gaskets for sealing. The bearings are lubricated by the pumped liquid. Speed no: The pump has 3-step speed selector.

The pump is characterized by:

  • Ceramic shaft and radial bearings.
  • Carbon axial bearing.
  • Stainless steel rotor can and bearing plate.

Product selection

1.pump of cast iron body is widely used for delivering water of room temperature.

2.pump of copper body is largely used in the underground heating system.

3.for delivering domestic hot water we recommend using pump of stainless steel body(GDP-N) or copper body(GPD-B)


Model: GPD20-6

Power: 100/70/55W

Max.flow: 2.8m³/h

Max head: 6m

Current: 0.45/0.35/0.25A

Voltage/ Frequency: 115/230V  50/60HZ

Pump housing: Cast iron

Pumped liquid: Water

Insulation class: H

Degree of Protection: IP44

Liquid temperature range: 2-110℃

Max System Pressure: 1.0Mpa


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