Techno JET 1500A

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Ejector pump performance
1. Max. flow rate: 6 m3 / h

2. Max. head: 80 m

Conditions for using the ejector pump
1. Suction height: up to 9 m
2. Liquid temperature: up to + 40 ° C
3. Ambient temperature: up to + 40 ° C
4. Max. operating pressure: 5 bar
5. Voltage fluctuation should not exceed 10% of the nominal value.
6. pH level: 6.5 – 8.5

Scope of application of the ejector pump
The pump is used to pump water without abrasive particles and to work with other liquids that have properties similar to water.
Self-priming ejector pumps are used for domestic and municipal water supply, for the operation of water towers and automatic irrigation systems, for raising water from wells, etc.

Automatic liquid suction
High suction power and speed
Pumps with impellers in various materials are available

Single-phase: 220V / 50Hz
Three-phase: 380V / 50Hz
Motor: 2-pole induction motor, copper winding, built-in overheating protection, air-cooled, stable operation for a long time
Protection class: IP44
Insulation class: B


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