Techno PWB 250Z

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Conditions for using vortex pumps

1. Suction height: up to 8 m

2. Liquid temperature: up to + 90 ° C

3. Ambient temperature: up to + 40 ° C

4. Max. operating pressure: 5 bar

Application area of ​​vortex pumps

1. Self-priming vortex pumps are suitable for pumping water without the inclusion of abrasive particles, as well as for working with other liquids that have properties similar to water.

2. The presented vortex pump can be used for domestic water supply, pumping water from wells or boreholes, pressurizing water pipes, supplying hot water, etc.

Features and Benefits

The pump is suitable for both cold and hot water.
The improved design ensures low pump noise levels. Intelligent control thanks to a built-in flow meter and pressure sensor.


Pump body: cast iron with stainless steel inserts
Motor housing: aluminum
Impeller: brass
Shaft: SUS304 and Cs45 # stainless steel
Mechanical seal: ceramic/graphite/nitrile butadiene rubber
Copper winding


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